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Spartan Scientific offers a large selection of solenoid valves and solenoid valve accessories. To use our solenoid valves and solenoid valves accessories section, click on the category name or use the configurator to let us help with your selection.

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Series 3825

The Spartan Scientific Series 3825 is a composite body solenoid valve featuring integrated .250 inch O.D. quick connect tube fittings right in the valve body. Advantages include reduced leak points and a lower installation cost. Additional features include 2-Way & 3-Way, 2-Position function in either Normally Closed or Normally Open, Mixing or Diverting versions. This versatile series incorporates the orifice basket technology ensuring rapid assembly of many orifice sizes from 0.6 to 3.0 mm. A unique option is that this valve can be made with an externally adjustable flow control effectively giving the operator the ability to dial in a custom flow rate after the valve has been installed in the application. The valve coil is available in all standard voltages with flying leads or DIN quick connect and all versions are fully nylon encapsulated. The 3825 is available in media compatible materials that include stainless steel, or brass, and FDA and NSF approved thermo-plastics. Many seal materials are available with FKM as standard.

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