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Spartan Scientific offers a large selection of solenoid valves and solenoid valve accessories. To use our solenoid valves and solenoid valves accessories section, click on the category name or use the configurator to let us help with your selection.

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Series APV-10

The Spartan Scientific Series APV-10 is a versatile 2-Way, 2-Position air piloted valve that can be controlled by a 3-Way, 4-Way solenoid valve or hand piloted valve. The Series APV-10 features a reciprocating piston operator which is media separated and controls air, fluids, fluid emulsions, water, or any media compatible with the valve materials. Standard sealing materials include FKM, NBR or PTFE. The bronze valve body is available in 1/2 “ to 2.0” NPT port sizes in various versions. The valve is offered with single acting Normally Open, Normally Closed, remote air pilot, or double acting pilot operation. Operating pressure ranges from 0 to 190 psi with maximum pilot pressures of 80 psi dependent upon function. Soft shifting can be obtained by the use of flow controls on the pilot ports. Typical applications for the APV-10 are media control of solvents, water, water with suspended particles, and coolants.

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